Global Hope Rescue: "Transforming lives is our devotion"
Sponsorship at Global Hope is easy and simple. The basic needs of the boys are taken care of at the centre, but it is a challenge to make sure all their school fees are paid. 

Schooling in Kenya is offered in either the public or private system. Public schools are inexpensive, but hugely overcrowded and underfunded. At Global Hope, we believe that education is the number one priority, so the majority of our boys attend private schools. Most are currently attending their schools in a grace period, whereby the schools waive their fees for a year until a sponsor can be found. 

The generosity of the schools in allowing the boys to attend for free is hugely appreciated. However, after a year, without sponsors, some of these boys may be out of school. 

We are looking for generous people who are interested in supporting the academic needs of our boys. Sonsorship can be intimidating, but at Global Hope it is simple and affordable. The following section includes a few of the boys who are currently in need of sponsors, however there are many more at the centre who are in need of assistance. For more information about any boy and his education, or if you are interested in sponsorship, please contact us!
Joshua Macharia
November 4, 2005
Joshua is a former street boy from Nakuru. Joshua is an orphan with no known relatives. He was rescued by Joseph on August 24, 2015 from Nairobi. He is a sweet, quiet young boy who is very motivated in school. He likes reading, drawing and taking pictures. Someday, he would like to be a doctor. Joshua goes to school and is in Grade 4 at Goodstat Academy. 
by Molly Carter 
Geoffrey was first rescued in December  2016 during the Christmas season. He ran away shortly after and then returned to the centre to settle. He is an excellent poet, a soccer star, and dancer. He shines in school and attends Kings and Queens Academy and is currently in Grade 4.  
Geoffrey Nyamu
Peter Wainaina (Brownie)
Brownie was introduced to Global Hope through some boys who currently lived at the centre. He arrived in April 2017 from the streets in Nairobi while under the influence of glue. After 3 months at Global Hope he started school, where he joined Grade 6 and acheived 3rd position out of 72 pupils. He enjoys playing soccer, is in Grade 7 and is very humble.
Brian arrived at Global Hope on May 17th, 2018. He was introduced by a boy who currently lives at the centre. He will be starting school in the near future in Grade 7 at Ngong Township. Before being rescued, Brian was living on the streets of Nairobi. He enjoys playing basketball as well as singing and dancing.
Brian Safari
​March 3, 2003 

Daniel was rescued on March 3rd, 2016. He was living on the streets and not attending school due to poverty. He is a very smart young man who loves helping people. Someday, he would like to be a doctor, and work in hospitals that help children living on the streets. He is currently in Grade 6 at Kings and Queens Academy.
Daniel Mutua 
December 2, 2002
Peter was rescued from the streets of Ngong on December 12, 2015. At a young age, his mother got into a car accident and was severely injured. She spent a long time in the hospital, leaving Peter on his own. Peter approached Joseph in the market one day asking for food. Joseph brought him to Global Hope. Peter does very well in school. One day he would like to be a pastor and inspire others. He is now at Kings and Queens Academy in grade 6. 
Peter Mutua
​February 2nd, 2002
Martin ran away from home at a young age due to mistreatment and poverty at home. He learned to look after himself along with a group of other street boys. He continued to attend school until his behaviour led to his expulsion. He was rescued by Joseph on April 19, 2016. He is now back in school and in grade 5 at Ngong Township School. 
Martin Thongo
​February 12, 2003
Samuel is Daniel's brother. Josephh found Samuel first, and then Samuel introduced him to Daniel. They were taken to Global Hope together in March of 2016. He attends Dominion Education Centre and is in Grade 7. He enjoys playing football, break dancing, and he loves learning science in school.
Samuel Mwinzi
​February 12, 1999
Erick was rescued from the streets of Kibera on January 8, 2014. At 10 years old, he was living on the streets with other boys his age. Since he's been rescued, Erick has greatly improved in school, and he's found a passion in dancing. He is an incredible dancer, and he is part of two different dance troupes at Global. He motivates and teaches the other boys to express themselves through dance. Erick is in Grade 7 at Ngong Township School. 
Erick Franco
​August 12, 2004
Precious was born in Eldoret, quite far away from Nairobi. At a young age, he was looked after by his grandmother. However, his upbringing became difficult for her as she aged, so he sought to look after himself. He lived on the streets until April 23, 2015, when Joseph found him by chance on a trip he was taking. Precious is now dedicated to his schooling and attends Kings and Queens Academy, where he is in grade 7. 
Precious Javial 
​April 14, 2005 
Peter first came to the centre in April 2017. He began school, then ran away and returned, bringing Brownie with him. He also later introduced Brian to Global Hope. He is currently not in school but plans to attend Dominion Education Centre for Grade 7 in the near future. His favourite subject is Christian Religious Education, and is a talented photographer (even responsible for some of the photos on this website).
Peter Njoroge
February 7, 2003
Alvin was born in Mathare to a single mother of 4 boys. She struggled to look after them as they grew older, and eventually contracted AIDS, which made it impossible for her to continue working. Alvin and his brother Wison took to the streets together to look after themselves. They were rescued on October 4, 2014. Alvin is in grade 7 at Kings and Queens Academy. 
Alvin Mwangi
​December 12, 2005
Hassan grew up in the Mathare slum in Ngong. With 5 children in the house, Hassan and his older brother were forced out once they were able to be independent. They lived on the streets together for 2 years, until they were found by Joseph in August, 2015. Hassan is in Grade 6 at Kings and Queens Academy and he does very well in school. 
Ian Mwangi Hassan
July 4, 2006
Mustapha is Hassan's older brother. They left home together, and Mustapha always made sure to look out for his younger brother when they lived on the streets. They stopped attending school until they moved to Global, but now Mustapha is dedicated to his studies at Kings and Queens Academy. He is in Grade 7, and someday he would like to be a businessman. 
John Njogu Mustapha 
​May 14, 2003
Wilson is the older brother to Alvin. They left home together to relieve the pressure on their mother to look after 4 boys. They lived on the streets for two and a half years until they were rescued by Joseph. Wilson attends Ngong Township and he is in grade 7. 
Wilson Chege
September 25, 2002
Gabriel's mother was very young when she gave birth to him. Due to her age, she was unable to look after him as he grew older. At the age of six years Gabriel started begging in the streets of Ngong. He lived on the streets for 2 years until he was rescued by Joseph in 2015. Gabriel is a happy and goofy young boy who is always joking and laughing. He is now going to school at Kings and Queens Academy in grade 4. 
Gabriel Muiruri
​July 4, 2008
When his mother was no longer able to support him, Immanuel lived with his aunt in Nairobi. She struggled with his care however, and Immanuel was often missing school and engaging in bad behaviours. He was rescued by Joseph on April 10, 2016, but he maintains a close relationship with his aunt. Since he moved to Global, Immanuel makes excellent grades and is focused on school. He attends Ngong Township in Grade 4.
Immanuel Oduor
​​March 5, 2006
Peter took to the streets of Kibera at 9 years old, in 2009. In 2013, he made his way to Ngong, where he met Joseph. He joined the Global Hope Rescue Center, but his years of independence made it difficult for him to live in one place. He ran away and returned many times. Finally, in October 2015, he dedicated himself to changing his lifestyle and remaining at Global. He is now commited to school. He recently completed a video editing course at Shaurimoyo Rehabilitation and Technical College.
Peter Kariuki 
February 5, 1998
Boniface followed his brothers to the streets at a young age due to neglect and poverty at home. He was rescued from the streets of Kibera on January 8th, 2014 by Joseph. He is now devoted to his schooling and doing very well. He is currently in Grade 6 at Oloolua Primary School.
Boniface Mudavadi
​August 12, 2004
Stephen lived in the streets for 4 years. He sought the streets for the independence and freedom the life offered. Howeer, when he met Joseph in 2016, he was eager to change his life. He wanted to go back to school and focus on his studies. He is currently out of school but Joseph has hopes that he will one day return. 
Stephen Njoroge
March 7, 1996
Phelix was rescued from the streets of Kawangware on April 8, 2016. He was involved in drugs and drug trafficking, but knew his life needed to change. He sought out Joseph and committed himself to improving. He is an empatheitc and caring boy who does very well in school. He is now in Grade 9 at Ngong Open Learning Secondary School. 
Phelix Azenga
​October 22, 1998