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Global Hope Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre is a boys home that specialises in the needs of street boys all over Kenya. Poverty in slums often forces children out of their homes at a very young age to fend for themselves.

Some children have families that are unable to support them, while some are abandoned. On the streets, not only are these children unable to meet their basic needs for food and shelter, but they are exposed to unimaginable circumstances including drug trafficking, degradation, violence and disease. It is extremely difficult to estimate the number of children living on the streets, since many are unregistered at birth and may have never attended school. It’s estimated that there is currently more than 500,000 street children in Kenya.

Street boys face a unique challenge compared to other rescued children in Kenya. There is an enormous stigma against street children, boys in particular, because of their tendency for violence, addictions to drugs and alcohol, and associations with criminal gangs. Often, the boys are more fluent in shang language than Swahili, Kenya’s official language. Their behaviour, interactions and experiences distinguish them from other rescued children. This means that the rate of street boys being either refused into rescue centres or running away is very high.

For all these reasons, Global Hope is a rescue centre unlike any other children’s home in Kenya. First of all, there aren’t a set number of children who live at the home at any one time. Boys are free to come and go as they feel the need to. Most of the boys call Global their home, but some aren’t quite ready for that yet. The gates to Global Hope are never locked, meaning boys are never locked in, and also never locked out. Street boys tend to be distrustful of adults and authority because of the treatment they faced in their homes and on the streets. Global Hope strives to gain their trust by allowing them to be independent, no matter their age. At Global, boys find a community of support, love and trust. They are encouraged to explore, use, and enhance their skills to better their own lives for example formal education, vocational training, poets, rappers, footballers, acrobats and athletics.


Joseph Njoroge is the Founder and Director of Global Hope Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre. Joseph is a former street boy himself, so he understands better than anyone the specific needs and challenges faced by street children. Joseph lived in the streets over a period of 7 years. It’s from this first hand experience that he understands the challenges the boys face on a daily basis and why he connects so well with each and every boy at the centre.

He was rescued by Dr. Charles M. Muli, the Founder and Executive Director of Mully Children’s Family Group Homes. Dr. Charles brought Joseph into a rescue orphanage dedicated to street children, whereby through much love, care and protection, he was able to stay and focus on his studies.

After his graduation, Joseph chose to serve the community through volunteering in various children’s centres in Nairobi as a mentor and care giver for street children. He initiated the Global Hope Rescue Project in 2013 because he felt there was a need for a place that was open to street boys of all ages and backgrounds. He lives at the centre with his wife Dorcas and 4-year-old daughter Natasha. 


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