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In 2012, Joseph Njoroge started a football club with a handful of street boys, as from personal experience he understood and empathised with the challenges street children face. From there Joe rented one room where the boys could sleep, shower and eat to escape the dangers of living on the streets of Nairobi. Fast forward 7 years to 2019 and Joe’s small football club is now a rescue and rehabilitation centre housing at least 110 former street boys at a time, rescued from all over Kenya.


However, our biggest and most difficult issue is we do not have money. Some months it’s difficult to purchase food or pay school fees so without your help purchasing land is not an option for us.

We are Global Hope Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre. As well as housing, our former street boys receive all needs necessary to live a healthy childhood: education, food, clothing, time to play, love, counselling and mentorship are provided at a bare minimum. 

It has taken time, dedication and funding to get to where we are today. If we want to continue to grow, buying land brings the ability to provide so much more and to ensure these boys not only survive but get the opportunity to thrive.


Without Global Hope and the support of our incredible supporters, many of these boys would still be living on the streets in unimaginable conditions if not dead. Each child has an incredible life story entailing resilience and strength from traumatic and devastating experiences.

From taking drugs so they do not feel cold at night to rummaging through piles of rubbish to find food; our boys some as young as 10 years old have had experiences that no child deserves to face.

The compound we currently reside in is too small for our needs and as we rent, every dollar we are forced to spend on repairs and maintenance feels like money wasted; not to mention our daily stress of being evicted if the landlord decides to demolish or sell.
After many stressful days and sleepless nights, the Founder and the volunteers have come to the conclusion that the only option is to purchase land so that we are able to construct our own buildings.

Our biggest and most difficult issue is we do not have money; some months it’s difficult to purchase food or pay school fees so without your help purchasing land is not an option for us.That’s why we are calling for support from all over the world, we know we can’t achieve our dream of purchasing land without your help and although it’s a big ask, the thought of all our boys becoming homeless, returning to the streets and facing the possibility of death is more than we can bare so we are COMMITTED to raising money for land.

We have found land, an incredible 1.5 acres just out of Ngong town and not far from our current centre for 15 million Kenyan shillings or $150,000 USD. For us, this amount of money is daunting and more than we’ve ever seen in our lifetimes, yet we are hopeful when we break it down: 150 people assisting to raise $1,000 or 300 people raising just $500 each in the 6 months seems absolutely achievable.

The landlord has agreed to hold the land for 6 months ONLY to give us time to fundraise. Kenya is developing quickly, and other countries are buying huge amounts of land causing prices to rise quicker than ever. If we don’t act now, the possibility of owning our own land only becomes more difficult.

We have generous local and international supporters READY AND WAITING TO CONSTRUCT everything as soon as we have land.

Please donate generously today


We have all worked too hard to get to where we are, to only get this far.
Please help us to ensure we can continue supporting our boys and many more street children for years to come. Every single dollar is so greatly appreciated!

If you would like more information or are interested in assisting us to fundraise for land in a bigger way, please contact the Founder Joe Njoroge at globalhoperescuecentre777@gmail.com or the Australian Director Maddi Kent at maddi@eviegrace.org


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