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Global Help Rescue and Rehabilitation Center is a boys home that specialises in the needs of street boys from Nairobi and surrounding areas.



Some children have families that are unable to support them, while some are abandoned. On the streets, not only are these children unable to meet their basic needs for food and shelter, but they are exposed to unimaginable circumstances including drug trafficking, degradation, violence and disease.



There is an enormous stigma against street children, boys in particular, because of their tendency for violence, addictions to drugs and alcohol, and associations with criminal gangs. Their behaviour, interactions and experiences distinguish them from other rescued children. The rate of street boys being either refused into rescue centers, or running away is very high.



Global Hope is a rescue center unlike any other children’s home in Kenya. Boys are free to come and go as they feel the need to. Most of the boys call Global their home, but some aren’t quite ready for that yet. The gates to Global Hope are never locked, meaning boys are never locked in, and also never locked out.

Provide a helping hand

We can’t make it alone. We need your help. Your small help can bring a big change.


If you are interested in funding one of these or have a project of your own in mind, please email us or click on the button below.


Access To Sanitary Facilities

The boys will have a standard, sanitary toilet and access to showers for hygiene.


Provide Internet Access

Provide wifi internet access for the centre, improving student study time as well as allowing for administrative duties such as printing, sending emails and conducting meetings.


Kitchen Renovation

To create a larger, more sanitary kitchen that accommodates more people at a time, with the ability to cook in larger amounts.

We need your help

Global Hope is a small and relatively new operation, and so we rely on our volunteers and donors.
We have several volunteers who live with us and assist in the running of the center, including administrative tasks, supervision and extra curricular teaching. We also have volunteers who have travelled from around the world to come and stay with us.
We are always looking for people to volunteer their services. Any kind of assistance is welcome. We particularly need people to volunteer as counselors or trainers in any field.
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