Our New Home

Transforming lives is our devotion

In 2012, Joseph Njoroge started a football club with a handful of street boys, as from personal experience he understood and empathised with the challenges street children face.

From there, Joe rented one room where the boys could sleep, shower and eat to escape the dangers of living on the streets of Nairobi.

Fast forward 7 years to 2019 and Joe’s small football club is now a rescue and rehabilitation centre housing at least 130 former street boys at a time, rescued from all over Kenya.

Without Global Hope and the support of our incredible supporters, many of these boys would still be living on the streets in unimaginable conditions if not dead.

Each child has an incredible life story entailing resilience and strength from traumatic and devastating experiences.

From taking drugs so they do not feel cold at night to rummaging through piles of rubbish to find food; our boys some as young as 10 years old have had experiences that no child deserves to face.

The compound we currently reside in is too small for our needs and as we rent, every dollar we are forced to spend on repairs and maintenance feels like money wasted; not to mention our daily stress of being evicted if the landlord decides to demolish or sell.

After many stressful days and sleepless nights, the Founder and the volunteers have come to the conclusion that the only option was to purchase land so that we are able to construct our own buildings.

Thanks to the support received, in 2020 Global Hope Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre was able to successfully buy a one acre piece of land to guarantee a safe and adequate place for all the children.

For this, we want to thank from the bottom of our hearts everyone who contributed, for all the support you have been giving us through this long, but exciting journey.

Now, we have started working on the land by creating a murram road which leads from the main road to the purchased land. Planting of several fruit trees also took place, but many more steps are yet to come to ensure the new location will soon be a warm and welcoming home for the boys!

Step 1:
Creating a borehole/well to ensure consistent water provision to the centre. Once the water is properly channelled, it will also be sold to the local community to create an Income Generating Activity (IGA) and contribute to the Centre’s sustainability

Step 2:
Complete fencing of the area.

Step 3:
While architectural designs and in-kind donations are being provided by well-wishers, we are getting ready to start the construction of the new home.

Now more than ever we will need your support to welcome and help those children who are in dire need of a place to call home.

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